Friday, August 26, 2011

games i think have inspired me, shaped me somehow

modern gaming, hundreds of useless items, sense of humor, abstract imagery, dali-references, psychedelic, metafictional storyline, japanese view of innocent america, lynchian moments

final fantasy vi
huge cast, perfect music, gigantic bosses, opera theme, romantic steampunk, perfect villian, epic storyline, 30 minute cinematic character driven ending, grand

murder mystery, modern relationships/sex, hyper-japanese, marriage-vs-fucking, rapunzel theme, puzzle arcade tribute, jazz music, intense sexual experiences, choice of being cheater or faithful, sexting

black and white, minimal gameplay, creepy music, mysterious setting, intense tactile puzzles, deeply frustrating, wholly beautiful landscapes, dead children

noby noby boy
quirky, colorful, randomized levels, unknown way to play, various colorful objects, LSD trip, super japanese weirdness, odd feeling when playing, structureless, abstract

colorful, painting-like, spiritually connected to mario, puzzle theme, highly difficult, time-warping skills, princess in a castle, can't die

colorful, flowing gameplay, no enemies, beautiful landscapes, nature quest, object is to flow/restore life

black ops
war, killing, intense online gameplay, goal is to have a good ratio of kills to deaths, unending play, basket-ball-like, depressing, hard for girls, male-dominated homophobic jungle of debauchery, urgent play