Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 is over so

whew, i need to blog more.
last year around this time i felt a really strange thing, i felt like the world was doing something for me.
phillip rex huddleson and richard chiem made a comic about me and it made me feel special.
pank decided to publish a story by me.
i was in NYC for new years and as i drunkenly watched that magical american ball slide down its pole i felt that 2011 would be 'my year'.
a month later my first chapbook was accepted for publication.
6 months later i'd cut into my first novel.
11 months later my novel was accepted for publication.

everything i've ever wanted to achieve in life is no achieved.

everything beyond this is more than enough.

but i don't know... i think this was a lot of people's year.

it was tao lin's year. he got married and a 5 figure publishing deal.
it was blake butler's year. he published two books to critical acclaim.
it was xTx's year, her book became beloved.
it was Roxane Gay's year, she started her own imprint and had her first novel published.
it was so many writer's year.

i look at my own and realize, it probably wasn't my year. i've done so little. i don't work hard enough. i need to work harder.

2011 was the year of easy comings.
2012 needs to be the year of the serious writer.

the year of coffee
the year of less distraction.

i want to feel like i did back then when the ball went down.
i want to make something new.


  1. you had a tremendous years in many ways. i think we tend to sell ourselves short of our accomplishments esp. when we compare them to other people's accomplishments.

    you were a nice touchstone for me this year. thank you for that.

    let's kick 2012's ass. This time, let's put our clothes on EXCEPT for the gloves.

  2. it was your year, Frank. so is 2012. <3

  3. i say none of us should put on ANY clothes next year. revert to savages and destroy civilization

  4. enjoyed. "thank you happy more please" seems appropriate.