Friday, January 6, 2012

Here is an excerpt from my Pank story coming out in mid Jan

They strip in the dark and have sex to the sound of motor boat engines whirring around in the flooded streets below. Their feet are wet. Michael does his best to hide his dyspnea. It, the sex, has a kind of Rube-Goldberg quality. It’s a kind of jazz routine they perfected in the darkness. The sex is an escape from boredom. They are pretty much soundless. Carolyn doesn’t want Michael to sneeze on her, like last time. She doesn’t want to wipe herself down with a wet towel. Michael coughs and rubs his nose on his shoulder. Carolyn pretends not to notice and stares off at the wall. Carolyn thinks of Lyle the Milkman. Michael thinks of Amanda the weather lady. When Michael finishes he pins Carolyn to the mattress.

“1..2..3. Ding ding ding.”