Saturday, November 10, 2012


I have a new piece in Jacob Steinberg's 'ALT LIT CITYSCAPES' ebook.

Here's a review of my story from THIS IS FOR YOU

"Frank Hinton's writing is in excellent shape here, hands down the best I've read from her and in a different style from her pieces I've seen in the past. This short story is down right terrifying: she depicts a descent into hell, a movement from the sterile comfort of the city to a hedonistic confused rural scene from which the narrator does not emerge unscathed. No punches are pulled and she avoids over-dramatizing the events that occur. "

There is an aloneness to the way I live, there are great people I would love to sit or smoke or cuddle with that I will never meet.

Jacob Steinberg is just this incredibly kind and poignant spirit, I saw him on a Spencer Madsen livestream one day modelling new clothes and reading poetry in Spanish and I felt very enamoured with his energy/spirit whatever.

Anyways, he created this beautiful Cityscapes project aiming to capture something of the efficacy between writer and city.

In his words...

It is well known that people ascribe different cities with their own identities; our urban landscapes most certainly have their own unique way in which they are represented in culture, film, and writing. But what interested me for this project was how those identities are so often transplanted onto their inhabitants. And while dispute continues over terminology to define contemporary literature, there is an undeniable shared quality in how we write, publish, and take in literature in the internet era. 

Anyways, check it out.  There is a lot of beautiful stuff in there.

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